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Noise-Rock/No-Wave band from Oslo, Norway, consisting of Vidar Evensen, Linn Nystadnes and Åse Røyset.

Starting 2013, the band is releasing a series of singles. It was kicked off with nothing less than a flexi disc double poster magazine, followed by Skool’s In, a 12” maxi single. The coming single is out 21st Feb.

Before this, without releasing as much as a single, the band toured extensively, including Roskilde (DK), Øya (NO), Way Out West (SE), Iceland Airwaves (ICE) and Eurosonic (NL), supporting bands as diverse as Battles, Melt-Banana and Vivian Girls and were invited on tour with both Sleigh Bells (US), Trentemøller (DK) and The Dillinger Escape Plan (US).

After finally shaking their saying-yes syndrome they took a pause from gigging, to capture what’s been called "pelvic noise sludge" on tape. The first three releases are recorded by Jørgen Træen (Datarock, Annie) in Duper Studios. Currently, the band’s session with Billy Anderson (Swans, Melvins) are in the mixing hands of the band’s own Linn Nystadnes.

Now, after managing to shake their severe saying-yes syndrome (you don't turn down Roskilde. Or Iceland Airwaves. Or Way Out West. Or a personal invitation from Trentemøller. Or when Sleigh Bells open up their nightliner door to Europe. Or trashy apartment gigs. Or SXSW. Oh wait, that last one they did. Twice. For practical reasons), Deathcrush have finally gotten their "pelvic noise sludge" on tape.

After recording with Billy Anderson (Swans, Melvins, Mr. Bungle) and Jørgen Træen (Datarock, Annie, Sondre Lerche) more songs for their much anticipated series of singles are now in the mixing hands of the band's own Linn Nystadnes.

The latest edition in Deathcrush's single-series playfully mixes hip hop, pop, trash metal and noise-rock. It manifests their sly, catchy sound; what John Robb called "a stunning and effective dissemination of the New York sassy cool trash aesthetic into a new century and with their own vital slant".

The already award winning video is selected for Berlin Independent Film Festival, and is one of 19 music videos at SXSW, alongside Diplo and MGMT. Director: Kenneth Karlstad. Producer: Petter Onstad Løkke

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Sweat, battery acid energy and gritty guitars — The trio delivers energy as if all members just ate AA batteries and turn the whole crowd electric. Deathcrush is without a doubt a band you will hear more from in the future.

Deathcrush are one of the coolest bands I've ever seen... they have created riot music for the 21st century. (...) Watch out South By South West. You are Tokyo. Deathcrush are Godzilla.
John Doran, The Quietus (UK)

Two outrageously sexy tigresses with guitars – the coolest band around at this point in time.
Le Monde (FR)

Norwegian trio Deathcrush are the day’s greatest thrill, with front women Åse Røyset and Linn Nystadnes channelling Kim Gordon at her nastiest over drummer Andreas Larssen’s Helmet nodding ballast.




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